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Press release 2014

After a very short and intense period of success in the independent film industry, British actor Zaff Malik has now been cast as the leader of the Philistine army in David and Goliath, due for release in 2015. Filming started in Tunisia and continued in London this week. Malik says, "I have always wanted to play a warrior in an ancient army, especially one with a sinister streak." David and Goliath is a re-telling of the original Biblical tale, with special effects to rival the recent blockbuster Noah.

With the tenacity of any military general, Malik has trained to be a professional actor whilst keeping up his IT career and bringing up a young family. He says of his recent whirlwind of success: "I have had an incredible couple of months, acting in three indie films, a commercial for a leading charity and a new series coming to BBC TV.

In October he will be seen as a leading character in indie horror film Nyctophobia, written by award-winning author Alan Keen.

In 2015 he appears as a leading character in a new BBC Comedy series called Twirlywoos. He is also in talks with another film production company for a potential role in a British feature film.

Zaff Malik's advice to anyone wanting to get into the film industry is this: "you have to keep working away at it. It is an extremely competitive industry, but there is room for those that are really determined!"

Press release provided by Lynnaire MacDonald, publicity and social media advisor/founder of Indie Film Sprites.


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